Xiaomi ‘Mi Not Look Good’ Fitness Band

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June 15, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi introduced a bargain basement fitness tracker which, well….looks and pretty much acts like a bargain basement fitness device. 

From a design perspective, it’s positively gruesome.  

The heart of it all being an industrial strength ugly hunk of  plastic with the tensile strength of moist Kleenex. What it lacks in build integrity it makes up for in vulgar simplicity. Staying faithful to the Xiaomi credo of ‘create stuff with only annoying lights on top’,  


In any event, the band is cheap, very cheap.  In fact, it’s so cheap that you could outfit the Supreme Court, plus President Obama and Joe Biden one and still have change left over if you chose it instead of a Fitbit One. But then again, you’ll be stuck with lugging around tech with all the visual appeal of eye surgery.

You could say that the device is for fitness not fashion, right? Well, not exactly. 

This being the 21st century, most of us demand a convergence of the twain. IMHO the Fitbit Charge HR does not excel in this area and for $150 it should. 

But alas its encumbered with a dune buggy tire’esque band favored by devices draped on the wrists of Navy Seals and ‘C’ level adult film stars. 

Once again, it’s not beautiful, but at least ‘humiliation’ does come to mind when my therapist interrupts my thoughts with a ‘How are you feeling now, Bill?’ As I stare into its black inner being. The same cannot be said for my state-of-mind or fashion sense, when pimping a ‘Mi-kinda Ugly’ Band from Xiaomi.

What this adds up to is that Xiaomi is a design laggard. When unable to pinch ideas from other firms they resort to headscratching and ineptitude which seems to characterize a very high percentage of its kit.

This lack of design sense relegates them to selling at the bottom of the price ladder.


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