‘It Wasn’t me’, Xiaomi Swansong Denying its Role in Illegal Phone Sales

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June 16, 2015 by ...

Ericsson is upset with Xiaomi. Not only did they supposedly steal and use Ericsson tech, but then continued to do so after a court order demanded they stop. In defending themselves, Xiaomi Leveraged their all-to-familiar motto when confronted with wrongdoing Xiaomi cries, ‘It wasn’t me….’

Confused? Keep reading and you won’t be

Xiaomi is trying to peddle kit in India but selling stolen tech is kinda illegal. This pretty much stops them from doing so.

Until the mess can be sorted out, the Indian High Court has told Xiaomi to ‘Simma down’ and quit selling illegal phones. In response to this claim of theft Xiaomi leaned on their patented fall back, ‘Deny, Diminish, Destroy’

Step 1- they denied wrongdoing
Step 2- they diminished the claims to being a ‘misunderstanding’
Step 3- they destroy the mandate by selling, or did they?

The fact is that Xiaomi phones were/are still being illegally sold in India at Xiaomishop. Ericcson cried foul, accusing Xiaomi of running the illicit site. Once again, Xiaomi denied this. Xiaomi claims that it is some unknown mystery man who runs the site and their hands are clean.

While it would be great to pat Lei Jun on the back and apologize, it’s too hard to do so. The reason is that like that spoiled only-child in grade school who always got the best toys and never had to share, Xiaomi refuses to take responsibility for its actions. To wit:

After confronted with the fact that their charging bricks are more lethal than China’s hapless aircraft-less aircraft carrier and most of their soldiers, Xiaomi claimed that the bricks which had exploded were not genuine Xiaomi kit. They maintained this position for the same chargers, all of which failed China’s less than rigorous safety standards. According to Lei Jun’s men, not one of the hundreds of models that the communist party tested were the real McCoy.

Then there was the case of that was that nasty malware embedded in Xiaomi code which could steal user data. ‘Not our stuff,’ implored Xiaomi.

En fin, they did admit to covertly CC’ing Beijing on all user mails, notes and pics, sorta. True to form they walked themselves from innocence to a final admission that they were storing data, and sure they ‘forgot’ to tell users this, but they would soon stop. Of course they never did, but it looked good in the press.

The apparent insincerity makes it slightly less than easy to feel sorry for Lei and friends. Their all-to-common non-admission of guilt in most everything can be quite taxing.

Oh shit, did I get off on a big digression or what? I just glanced at the title of this post to re-focus my wandering cerebrum and recall that my real point is the following:

why doesn’t Xiaomi just quit knocking things off? I mean, isn’t that the real issue? Had they not stolen from Ericcson then they would not be in trouble in India and this piece would never have been written. But then again, if they had not pilfered, they would have gone belly up years ago. After all, Xiaomi’s business empire is built upon little more than a sandcastle set to wash out to sea the moment they truly must create.

Instead of crying ‘We never stole from Ericsson, Motorola Balmuda and everything else from Apple,’ they could have either manned up and paid license fees, collaborated with any of the above, or heaven forbid, create their own stuff.


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