Xiaomi’s Macot, an Homage to Communism

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June 26, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi’s corporate mascot pays homage to communism via its Red Army Bunny. This transparent attempt at honoring Mao and the People’s  Republic are unflinchingly on display as shown below:


For those of you who may not know, the red scarf that ‘mi communist’ rabbit sports is the same thing that China’s next gen oppressors or  ‘little pioneers’, as they are known, wear. 

Shown below are Mao’s post 2000 replacements, draped in the same thing.


Interestingly enough, ‘Mi communist’ also plays into another piece of Red China.

The guy shown below is a piece of Beijing lore. His name is Lei Feng, and he’s as much a matter of fantasy as intellectual property protection is in China. 

According to the red loyalists, ‘comrade Lei Feng’ gave his life for the motherland. He was an outstanding soldier who was unceremoniously KIA when a truck he was guiding into its birth felled a pole which tonked his red noggin’. The upshot was he became a legend, the downside is that he died. 


Don’t despair however,  for many claim thegood  comrade is little more than propagandist lore used to manipulate the masses. His image, which the current regime loves, is spackled high and low, seems to corrorbate this theory. 

The tie in to all this is that the Xiaomi mascot highlights the power of being red. The bunny is a ‘harmless’ little zealot, along the same lines as Lei Feng. 

His red cred is beyond reproach and loyalty worn on his sleeve. Should anyone ever doubt the power of communism and its impact on China, then take a good look at Xiaomi. It’s mascot speaks volumes. 

I wonder if his creation has anything to do with Lei Jun’s affiliation. Xiaomi’s CEO is a proud communist party member and sits on its legislative advisory board..,.


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