Mi 3 a Made-in-China Nightmare? Are the Mi 4 & Mi 4i Better? Xiaomi Phone Reviews

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June 28, 2015 by ...

1-GearBest: Xiaomi Mi 4i Available For Only $227

Xiaomi has been making massive waves in the smartphone industry over the last year. Which is becoming increasingly impressive when you consider the company is only a few years old. That said, this business model is one which is much older, offer the consumer a lot of specs, in a premium device but at a much lower price than the competitors. This is a prime example of the logic being used by many Chinese OEMs. However, few have managed to reach the dizzy heights that Xiaomi has and in such a short amount of time.


The most comprehensive Mi4 reviews

2-Xiaomi Mi4 review-What is the Xiaomi Mi4?

Imitation is touchy topic in tech circles, but few manufacturers are as slavish as Chinese company Xiaomi. Branded by many as “The Chinese Apple”, Xiaomi has adopted many of its rival’s tactics with great success. 

The Xiaomi Mi4 is possibly the most unashamed copycat phone you’ll ever lay eyes on. It looks almost exactly like an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. But despite the flagrant plagiarism on show, the Mi4 is arguably one of the best Android devices of 2014. It manages to combine incredible power with impeccable build quality and excellent software, and all for around £250.

There really is no getting around it: the Mi4 looks like an iPhone. But if you’re going to emulate another product, you might as well pick the one that looks best. The Mi4’s metal chassis exudes a premium feel that is all-too-often missing from Android phones, and the entire device boasts the kind of build quality that most pre-Galaxy Alpha Samsung owners can only dream of. 

3-Xiaomi Mi3 Becomes a Nightmare for Customers, Horrible Flipkart Support, and Product Quality

Several enraged Xiaomi Mi3 customers have now taken it upon themselves to fill the official Mi India fanpage at Facebook, with reports of how their newly bought smartphone has turned out to be a nightmare for them. Apparently, apart from suffering from severe manufacturing defects such as the SIM tray not working properly, exceptionally low screen quality for a smartphone which is supposed to have Gorilla Glass 3, troubles with the microUSB port, and unusually high overheating issues, the phone is also suffering from some serious software bugs, such as contacts mysteriously not showing up when accessed through the dialer app, and several other complaints of unstable software and random WiFi/cellular signal drops.

Read more: http://www.androidorigin.com/xiaomi-mi3-horrible-support-product-quality/#ixzz3eJspRfYi


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