Xiaomi Fitness Band to Track Heart Rate?

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July 4, 2015 by ...

The Mi Band is Xiaomi’s solution to fitness tracking on the cheap, or bottom of the barrel wrist trinket with few features. 

Previously I bought a Mi Band, only to learn that for $10 it was still over priced. Pictured below is what’s left of that tracker, which leapt from its insecure silicon home while I changed shirts.

As a consequence, I can now stare at the exposed bones of my wrist and guess just how many calories I’ve burned or steps I’ve trodden. Hopefully the new owner of my old Band thinks of a better solution, such as duct taping it to his wrist.

My MI-sfortune aside, Xiaomi is upping its game, allegedly. They are considering producing trackers sporting a heart sensor. 

I applaud their dedication to sell painfully old tech to the masses. It’s rumored they will do likewise by ‘inventing’ a phone with a fingerprint sensor! But back to the story.

True to their corporate ethos to ‘imitate but not create’, Xiaomi once agan lags pitifully behind. 

They wait and watch, then imitate and sell. Tracking sensors are now old hat and are native on phones as well. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has just gotten the memo.

The problem is that Xiaomi’s strategic vision is like a guy driving in reverse. Rather than consider what’s in front of him, he is forced to move against the grain and post-learn what the rest of the world has comprehended. He then must reconstruct a map based on his distorted view of the world through which he passed. His vision rarely if ever, leads him to the front.

What I mean to say is that if Xiaomi owned a Jurrasic Park, the key attraction would be overgrown moths sporting faux wings and floating along with the assistance of guy wire. It would be surrounded by Mi-surrogates screeching about the authenticity of their ‘dinosaurs’ to clients either misinformed or apathetic to the veracity of such claims.

All the while, another firm has hulking Dino’s foraging in lush elephant grass on pristine islands just a few miles away. 


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