Xiaomi Mi5 is iPhone 6 Plus Clone?

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July 6, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi, that Chinese firm ever in search of new designs to take and tweak, is at it again. Not satisfied with cloning the majority of Apple phone designs, they are now all-in.

Take a gander at Xiaomi’s latest iteration of John Ive design:


In case you’ve got the nagging suspicion that you have seen the device befor, it’s because you have. Xiaomi’s next world killing handheld seems like a reasonable facsimile of this:

Xiaomi has decide to replace the Apple logo with a camera lens but other than that, stay true to Apple’esque roots. The people in charge of Xiaomi nomenclature should drop all pretense of originality and just call the thing the ‘6 Plus Mi Too’. The photo proves nothing if not that Xiaomi loves great design.

You may be thinking ‘So what? So they nick product ideas from Apple. What is the harm in that?’

The answer is, ‘Everything.’ 

Think about it like this: Xiaomi’s inability to enter North America and Europe are due to precisely this point. They copy, not create. Lacking a potent design staff, they rely on state-of-the-art photoshopping and replication. 

This means that they are a litigation magnate. When they merely peddled goods in China it was no big deal. Beijing as much as condones this. Communist controlled state owned enterprises are rife with purloined products and foreigners can do nothing, at least in China.

The optics of this change however, when such firms sell in the west. They either pony up cash and settle out of court or satisfy shareholders with an Asia-only presence. Xiaomi wishes to have its cake and eat it too, as it chooses to skirt laws and then goabroad.

So far the money men have forgiven Xiamois intransigence, but for how long?  


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