Xiaomi’s Big News!! Just Another TV? 

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July 16, 2015 by ...

The net has been filled with speculation about Xiaomi’s newest offering. The company teased us with an image of a small plug. The press went ape-feces and said that Xiaomi had achieved a breakthrough and was going to charge its kit sans wires. Today’s product launch proves this to be wrong-Xiaomi merely rolled out a TV. 

Xiaomi’s super thin TV

The product in question, Xiaomi’s ‘thin MiTV’ aka Mi TV 2S,  has a small footprint in terms of depth. The frame is aluminum and 9.9 mm. That means it’s nearly as thick as one of Xiaomi’s older phones. 

As far as the guts, Xiaomi brought the goods with lossless display quality at 4k and similar tech as in its older models. They make a point of sourcing from non-Chinese suppliers, which helps quality somewhat. 

That last statement was not meant to be rude, but factual. Here in China both consumers and companies value foreign firms over domestic. In fact, much of Xiaomi’s marketing points out that their products are not made with Chinese tech. This gives the global community reason to trust in this Chinese upstart. 

Bottom line

Ok, so Xiaomi brought out a new TV but so what?

The simple fact is that Xiaomi needs to expand sales throughout its product portfolio. So far it’s still a cellphone company, at least based on sales revenue. This does not bode well for Xiaomi as that space is overcrowded and margins razor thin. Xiaomi is seeking any opportunity to get more dollars into its coffers. The Mi TV is merely another way for Xiaomi to ‘save Mi’.


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