Xiaomi Knocksoff Apple Airport Design for New Water Purifier? WTF

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July 17, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi is unashamedly a knockoff king. If it weren’t for Apple- inspired kit, Xiaomi would be creating ‘tech turds’ like this monstrosity:

It’s their ‘Go Pro’ action cam, which seems better suited as a prop in a high school reenactment of Dr Who. The abysmal design is equal parts self-deprecation and visual communicable disease. In a word, it’s super-calfragalitic -ally fbugly. 

But then again, Xiaomi’s investment in design is an unauthorized copy of Photoshop, an iPhone 4, and Internet connection. To them it’s all about swiping Apple designs. 

Case-in-point, check out this thing:

Yeah, look closely at the white box. 

Looks familiar doesn’t it?

Hmm perhaps that’s because it looks a lot like this:


In fact, rub out the Apple logo and the two are virtually identical. 

Of course Xiaomi has a history of not only mimicking iPhones but nicking other designs as well. Their chargers, for example, are facsimiles to iPods, but much less appealing.

The funny thing is that Hugo ‘The Bullshitter’ Barra just said that Xiaomi is increasing is patent portfolio so it can peddle faux-phones in the USA. 

Yeah Hugo, let’s see how that works out for you….


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