Mi4i Global Availability, Overheating, Comparison to Lenovo and Barra on Android

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July 18, 2015 by ...

1-Xiaomi Mi4i with SN615 causes heating problem.

Xiaomi Mi4i hit the market a few months ago and also drew much attention from phone consumers due to its specs, design and price. However, besides good comments, there have been complaints saying that the main processor of Mi4i, the Snapdragon 615, does not really work well. It is not as fast and cool as expected. After being informed of the problem, Xiaomi manufacturer announced the updated MIUI v6.5.50 to fix the Mi4i’s overheating issue. Nonetheless, we wonder if Xiaomi wants the Mi4i to be known worldwide, will they change their strategy? Say, by switching to another SoC for the device?


2-The limited availability of Xiaomi Mi4i on international markets.

As far as we know, even though Mi4i has been going on sale for months in its home country, it has been not very popular on other markets outside China. To explain this situation, the leading Chinese Industry Analyst – Pan Jiutang claimed that Xiaomi has been working on something more powerful than the original Xiaomi Mi4i, something that would probably be powered by the premium Snapdragon 808 chip. Anyhow, we are not sure how they will call it for now.

Same link as above

3-Hugo Barra Talks Google Buying Android

As we all know, Google acquired Android 10 years ago this week. Sure doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, now does it?Xiaomi’s VP, Hugo Barra once led the Android division before leaving in 2013 to head to China to work with Xiaomi. Who is planning to bring their phones over to the US in about another year. Which is an exciting time for the company. Hugo spoke with Emily Chang of Bloomberg this past week, and one of the iconic quotes from that interview includes “Android was probably the best decision that Google ever made — you know, years ago.” 


4-Lenovo K3 Note Review: It Can Beat Xiaomi Mi 4i, ASUS ZenFone 2 and Meizu M1 Note Hands Down

Lenovo K3 Note is one of those devices, which became immensely popular as soon as it hit the market. Lenovo sold around one lakh units on the first two sales. Yet, thousands of consumers are looking forward to the next big sale on Wednesday.

There are real reasons behind the popularity the model enjoys, we found. Priced at Rs. 9,999, Lenovo K3 Note offers features that other brands provide for a fortune. Though Chinese smart phone maker Elephone is about to launch its P8000 model, which offers almost similar specifications, it will find it quite difficult to beat the brand value of Lenovo.



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