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  1. Top 8 iPhone Clones from China- The ‘Xiaomi Effect’

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    July 31, 2015 by ...

    Commentary: Xiaomi has been brazenly cloning Apple for years. Their success and $46 valuation has taken the embarrassment out of …
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  2. China’s $35 Billion Smartphone Market, Where Does Xiaomi Stand?

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    July 27, 2015 by ...

    China’s smartphone market is now saturated. Most of the people who want handsets have them. Proof of the enormity of …
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  3. Uber & Xiaomi Hookup for a Day

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    July 24, 2015 by ...

    Uber, known for contentious policies and reviled by many countries, has partnered with Xiaomi who is known for contentious policies …
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  4. Xiaomi Flops in Korea

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    July 22, 2015 by ...

    Xiaomi is plagued by decreasing sales in China. This has been caused by fierce competition, saturation in the smartphone market …
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  5. Poetic Justice, 37% of all Fake Phones in China are Xiaomi

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    July 19, 2015 by ...

    China is the land of fakes. The PRC mimics everything, from Eiffel Towers to the White House.        It …
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  6. Mi4i Global Availability, Overheating, Comparison to Lenovo and Barra on Android

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    July 18, 2015 by ...

    1-Xiaomi Mi4i with SN615 causes heating problem. Xiaomi Mi4i hit the market a few months ago and also drew much …
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  7. Xiaomi Knocksoff Apple Airport Design for New Water Purifier? WTF

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    July 17, 2015 by ...

    Xiaomi is unashamedly a knockoff king. If it weren’t for Apple- inspired kit, Xiaomi would be creating ‘tech turds’ like …
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