‘Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish’-Xiaomi’s Epic Marketing Fail


April 10, 2015 by ...

Xiaomi unearthed a slogan and it’s…well… It’s kinda’ interesting. 


Yeah, ‘staying hungry, staying foolish’.

While I’d like to applaud Lei Jun and his crew, I cannot. That slogan just sucks. I mean what the heck are they trying to say? 

A message like ‘Just Do It’, I can get behind, but ‘staying foolish’?

Is this something I wish to emulate, a fool? 

I for one, can answer that in the negative, but then again I’m not Xiaomi’s target market. In China, Xiaomi gear is purchased primarily by single guys with little-to-no education, who reside in second-tier cities. Perhaps ‘foolish’ is something that they embrace, but not this cowboy, no sireee. 

In fact, I’d venture to say that ‘foolish’ is not  a term of endearment, at least in English. Perhaps Jun et al should pony up for proper marketing support, but then again, that would take away from their core competence-mimicry. 

The slogan proves, if nothing else, that Xiaomi is creativel challenged. When forced to think on their own and come up with anything original, they flounder. Lei brags about not having a marketing staff, but now may want to rethink that move. After all, I’d hate to think that Xiaomi will stay foolish any longer.


4 thoughts on “‘Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish’-Xiaomi’s Epic Marketing Fail

  1. Paul says:

    Obviously you are ignorantly of someone else saying the same thing previously… oh, I don’t know, just some random person named Steve Jobs.

    So, in your infinite wisdom, does that qualify Steve Jobs as an idiot too?


    • ... says:

      Obviously if Jobs had used it as a slogan then yeah, I would say that it pretty much qualifies as being dumb. In your infinite wisdom perhaps you could share if Jobs did this….


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